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"The most comprehensive, caring physical therapy I've ever gotten. These folks know how to ease pain by both physical manipulation and work with therapy equipment to ease pain and strengthen muscles to bring your body back to proper alignment. "
Sep 08, 2023
"Had a great experience at BEST- Attentive and caring staff who helped me get back to feeling good. "
Jul 12, 2023
"Thank you to the entire team, especially Rachel. I came in feeling defeated and am leaving felling 100% better than I did. I appreciate the judgement free atmosphere, the willingness to adapt when my body decided to rebel and the overall support you gave me. THANK YOU!!"
Apr 20, 2023
"Great staff and always on top of it. Keith and Michelle are amazing and helped me become some much better in such a short time. "
Apr 12, 2023
"I want to thank the entire staff at Best Therapy. Special thanks to Rachel my amazing therapist. Thank you for getting me to where I should. Thank you for your patience & kindness. I enjoyed every visit with you. Thanks to Valentina & Margie best that there is. Kindest group you ever want to help you. I would recommend Best Therapy to everyone. Thank you."
Mar 30, 2023
"BEST was life changing for me - I feel better now than I did before I had the injury that they treated me for. The best thing about BEST is how their whole team works together. My assigned therapist got to know me, and so did the entire staff. I went to BEST with a pinched nerve that caused terrible back pain, discomfort in my legs and limited my mobility. They taught me a wide range exercises, and worked me through a progressive routine. They made the exercises easy to remember so I was able to continue a lot of work on my own (I still use a lot of the exercises today). As the weeks unfolded my pain and discomfort melted away. Additionally, as a byproduct of the therapy for my pinched nerve, other nagging pain I had in my knees and ankles for years started to ease up. Now I am able to run farther than ever before and bound up and down stairs like I did 10 years ago. Thank you BEST for your good work! "
Mar 10, 2023
"This is no doubt the best place to come. Rachel is the best therapist. She gave me undivided attention. The staff is great. Valentina & Marge are very attentive. Justine is also amazing. Thank you "
Mar 01, 2023
"I just completed my PT on Dec. 1st 2022 with Best Therapy in Middlesex. They treated me like I was part of a family. Justine the receptionist was wonderful and willing to do all for me. Rachael just one of the PT's was great. Valentina one of many aides was so sweet and kind and I loved talking to her. Keith (the owner) was mainly who I saw and what a character he is. He is funny, kind, and very knowledgeable! You guys are the best! Merry Christmas to all and a healthy and wonderful New Year! PS If I left anyone out I am sorry your all wonderful. Ann M"
Dec 01, 2022
"The staff at BEST physical therapy truly are the best! Racheal has been helping me with my foot and she has been very helpful. She has gone above and beyond to help get me to where I am today! I highly recommend them if you need physical therapy! Mary beth"
Aug 13, 2022
"Keith, Adam and all of the staff at BEST in Middlesex are amazing people! They truly care about their patients and healing. I spent five months recovering from an extremely painful case of tennis elbow with them (from cleaning my swimming pool!) and actually looked forward to every one of my appointments! I never thought I would get back to feeling normal, but I do now! I highly recommend BEST and will definitely return there myself in the future when needed. (THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me get back to being pain-free!)"
Aug 06, 2022
"WOW! What an amazing physical therapy facility! Everyone is professional, caring and just great to be around! These people were not trained to behave in this manner, you can see that this is in their core! They were careful with me and yet firm about what exercises I needed to perform to alleviate the back ache I was suffering from. Not only did B.E.S.T make be all better again, but I am even stronger. I hope you will consider B.E.S.T for any physical therapy, as they are truly the best in NJ and probably across the country."
Jul 02, 2021
"When I came here I was dragging my feet struggling to walk. Now I can run!! Excellent, service and the staff is awesome . I highly recommend the Best Physical Therapy"
Jun 30, 2021
"The whole operation is first rate. The staff is extremely courteous and friendly. They take your healing personally. You go at your own pace because your comfort is most important to them. I will be back for my next TKR. I hobbled in and left a new man. The name says it all, they’re the BEST. "
Nov 19, 2020

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B.E.S.T can’t be beat. The staff is professional and caring. I have been a patient after major surgery on both my shoulders an an ankle. With the help of these talented therapists I am fully recovered and swinging a golf club. I highly recommend BEST- it is a wonderful facility.

Laura B.

Keith is the best. Thorough exam and care to address my specific issues. Very focused individual care that Got my broken wrist back to 100% quickly. End result – improved my golf game. Thank you Keith.

Gerrianne W.

For the two times that I have needed therapy (so far), BEST has been very helpful & the outcomes positive. I first came to BEST after it was recommended by a family member who had a very good experience. The location and hours are extremely convenient, and the facility appears well kept. I consistently see equipment being wiped down and tidied, and there are containers of anti-bacterial hand gel everywhere etc. Plus all of the staff is extremely pleasant – from the office staff to the therapy assistants to the therapists (Patty and Keith) themselves. It’s nice to be somewhere where the workers seem happy and treat you accordingly. With regard to treatment and treatment plans, they seem really considerate and effective. Office staff helps you work out the financial details including understanding the parameters of your insurance plan’s physical therapy coverage. Then the therapists try to work with you to achieve healing and balance, and it’s done in a reasonable way since miracles don’t happen overnight. For example, if my back is bothering me on a particular day, my therapy and exercises are adjusted to accommodate that. I would certainly recommend BEST to others, and while I hope not to need physical therapy a great deal, I’d go back again too.

Em M.

Thank You B.E.S.T.! I am so happy with the care I received for my ankle fracture. The entire staff took great care of me from start to finish and now I am back to playing sports and working out. I will gladly recommend you to friends and family knowing they will be taken care of so professionally.

Ali P.